He is coming soon!  –  2020.01.26

He is coming soon!  –  2020.01.26

…, then stand up, lift up your heads,
because your redemption is drawing near.
Luke 21:28

The sentence above indicates the end times full of disasters. The chaos and catastrophic events are increasing. People are becoming increasingly scared and are looking for explanations. But there is a Redeemer: Jesus Christ! Whoever clings to Him is saved.
However, people are trying to find help somewhere else. They research in all kinds of ancient writings, study other religions, try it with positive thinking, or with a emphatically liberal behavior, or get lost in extreme political attitudes. False prophets with simple solutions to great problems, find enormous influx of people and partly lead them to fanaticism.
Fanaticism is one of the hallmarks of end times. Passionate advocates for a clean environment for instance only see the dirt of the earth, shout loudly and uncompromisingly for immediate solutions, are no longer prepared for a reasonable, balanced dialog.
Of course we must not continue to pollute the earth.God had entrusted us the earth with all creatures to care for them. So we have to talk about it and make good plans. We also have to take seriously the legitmate concerns of other groups, red, yellow, or green such as the objectives of the vegetarians for instance. But their fanatical and one-sided attitude is terrifying.
This makes them deaf to the redemptive words of Jesus. They look for liberation everywhere but not with Jesus. who as only one can help. He is our Helper still today and forever! As the jewish people were saved from the 10th plague in Agypt so the children of God will be protected today. We will be taken out of the court. Our Redeemer is alive! Yes, when the misery grows raise your heads. The world is approaching his redemption. He is there, be encouraged, He will come soon, thank and praise Him. Already now His almighty hands are blessing His people and protect you if you cling to Him. Hallelujah, Jesus is alive!

Thank You, Jesus, You will come to judge the earth. Injustice will disappear and the righteoius will win. You will come to free Your followers to take them with You. With you we are secure and protected! Thank You!

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