He is my Wisdom! – 2019.05.22

He is my Wisdom! – 2019.05.22

My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge!
Hosea 4:6

God blames his priests in view of their egoistic behavior and because of their own teachings. They keep people from recognizing Him. They are boasting before them with false opinions, with pure untruths: Wrong becomes right and sin the norm! They lie! They do not know God . They may have studied, been ordained priests but without the power of God they exercize mere official authority. This leads to arrogance and hypocrisy.
The accusations are heavy which God raises against the priests of Israel. But today`s situation is not different! Also today sin becomes norm with regard to marriage for instance. Many priests and pastors do not know Jesus, have no personal relationship with Him. So they have to care about their reputation, about money, are manipulating, may even like to dominate over people. They are not living in the truth just as the priests in Israel at that time. Therefore, we should be vigilant, which shepherds we follow and check to see if they were called by Jesus.
The people are going astray for they do not know the will of God! This also refers to us Christians if we are content with our own biblical interpretation that change from time to time. Christ must necessarily be revealed to us. The relationship with Him must be alive so that He can show us the way to heaven. We have to seek His face to learn the truth in all areas of our life. As our good Shepherd he warns us against all wrong paths and wrong solutions. In Him we have total security, peace and joy. He is the wisdom of God!  In Him is the fullness of life longed for by all people. Without Him we are lost.

Thank You, Jesus! You are wonderful! In You I find all I need. How gratifying and rejoiceful it is to stay in your presence, to talk to You, to be guided by Your hands everywhere. You are my good Shepherd!

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