HE is the Lord – 2021.02.03

HE is the Lord – 2021.02.03

He who believes in Him shall not perish.
Romans 10, 11

How good for us! No matter what catastrophe is coming, HE is and remains the LORD who cares for HIS children: we will not perish! Covid or otherwise, HE is with us and holds His hand over us.
Even when an illness completely destroys us, He remains the Lord. He restores our health or takes us to heaven in grace, as He wants, not as the illness wants.
When our Gabriel had the terrible accident and stopped breathing, our Lord did not need him in heaven yet and sent His living breath again, and so Gabriel is alive and also almost fully healed. HE intervened and for Gabriel it is wonderful that he is worth so much to the Lord. His faith is unshakable and natural for him. So this accident has brought about good. Amazing and wonderful are the ways of God.
When my father fell ill, I quickly realized that Jesus wanted to take him to heaven. HE said: Now it is good, now it is enough. You shall have the rest you have wished for all your life. – And so He took my father home. When he died, the angels were there singing Hallelujah! I agreed with God’s way, so the pain was mixed with joy. My father is waiting for me in heaven, and it will be a great reunion! I am looking forward to that. The will of God is happening. One shall live, the other shall go home to the Father. In any case, God’s will is happening for you. Do not be afraid! Do not worry! He determines your days and your destiny.
Whoever believes in Him will not perish. That is true, we can build on it. In Him we are safe and secure.
Psalm 91:14: “Because he loves me, I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.

Thank You Jesus, I will never perish. My name is inscribed in Your book of life. For I trust You, I believe in You! You protect me and You rule over me, not a virus or another person. You alone. Thank You!

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