He is with the Crushed

He is with the Crushed

The one who is high and lifted up, who lives forever, whose name is holy, says: „I live on high, in holiness, and also with the crushed and the lowly, reviving the spirit of the lowly, reviving the heart of those who have been crushed.“
Isaiah 57, 15

So is God’s will: He wants to be with those who have no hope. He wants to comfort those who otherwise have no comfort. He wants to be close to those who are left. He wants to give strength where discouragement is. His heart is full of love and compassion for the crushed and the lowly. He does not care whether the misery was caused by own fault or through the fault o others. For He is our Father who comforts firstonce and connects the wounds. A father who forgives every sin of His children. By Him and in His heart, we really are at home. Therefore, we want to seek Him and let us be comforted by Him. We do not want to give up, but always come before Him with our concerns. Until He takes us in His arms and comforts us. He has promised and He will keep His promise. He is with the crushed and oppressed, to revive their spirits and to let their heart beat anew.

Father, where is a God like You? You are the Holy One, but so full of mercy on us! You look at our misfortune and want us to be close and comfort. You forgive all the guilt and sin. Yes, where is a God like You? Your father heart beats with love for Your children. How could You ever forget us?

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