He sowed the Word – 2014.01.12

A farmer went out to scatter seed.
Matthew 13:3

Jesus tells the mysteries of the kingdom of God in parables, so that we can better understand it. The seed is a metaphor for the Word of God, the gospel. The field stands for the people who hear it. And the sower is Jesus and those who distribute and sow the gospel.
The sower does not need to economize, because who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly. He generously distributes wherever he wants to reap. Also, at the edge of the field he sows, even if some seeds fall over the edge into the weeds.
Jesus was the great sower. And yet not everyone who heard Him started to believe. He accomplished great deeds and miracles, and still not anyone converted to Him. Once He healed ten lepers, but only one thanked Him. We can not expect that we will have more success like Jesus. When we sow, not every seed will sprout.
When we go through life, we should sow the gospel in every conceivable form. It is as if someone wanders through the countryside and wherever he goes, he distributes the seeds of the Gospel. Much is sown on rocks, much falls among thorns, much has not enough soil so that it withers, and yet much falls on fertile soil and the seed sprouts on. Maybe not right away, because it must first ripe in the soil. It can take years until you see the little plants that have been sown. And yet: Where our path led through, new plants grow everywhere! Our path is characterized by these new plants growing everywhere. This is how it should be!
It is to be our life style, to sow the gospel. A small calendar with God’s words as a gift; an indication of a good website; an invitation to coffee and good conversation. Taking friends to worship, even if it is a detour. Praying for the people and stand up for them in front of God. Deeds of mercy. Being a beacon and guide for Jesus … There are no limits, any kind and idea is good, if it points to Jesus!
We can only sow the word. The growth conditions God must create himself. And man must decide for himself what he wants to do with the Gospel. But our responsibility to sow the Word, we must accept. He says: Sow and do not take care of the opinions of others!
Jesus, sometimes it seems to me as if Your word is smothered in me by thorns and thistles. Please, help me to become free for You! Sometimes my heart is like a rock, immune to Your word. Please, forgive my stubbornness! Sometimes Your words bring me great hope, but the plague of questions and doubt come and rob my hope again. Lord, forgive my unbelief!
Thank you, You are my Lord, You have begun Your work in me and will bring it to completion. You are my good shepherd!

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