Health – 2016.09.24

Health – 2016.09.24

The Lord watches over the human breath,
He searching all his innermost parts.
Proverbs 20 27

When I read that, I felt the desire inside me, for this to be true. The desire was getting stronger, but I thought of my sometimes unhealthy lifestyle and asked myself: Whether this also applies to me? Actually, I did not expect a reply, but it came: What do you think, for whom do I write that?
I had something to think about. Does God mean, He has written it for me? Can I so believe that and take it personally? But the Holy Spirit filled me immediately with great confidence, so that I can take the word personally. Great!!! He watches over even my breath and searches all of my body, whether everything is in order! Where is a God who is larger than us? Where is that God, who takes so much care of all our needs ??
There are Christians who think healings, miracles, prophecy, speaking in tongues … all those things that existed at the time of the apostles, but do not exist anymore. Now we have the Bible, where everything is written. We have the doctors with their chemistry for diseases. The psychologists for mental things, the insurance company that pays …. everything It seems God has left us to ourselves. He has saved us, so given eternal life, and now we will see how we cope with this life. – What a nonsense! That’s as if a baby is born and the parents go away, letting it lie there and not care about the milk, heat and nothing. How fortunate that God still takes care of everything !!
As I understood that God wrote this verse for me (and maybe also for you?), I noticed the same few things, which the Lord must do for me. Whether the promises which have been given by the Lord previously, personally apply to me? Yes, must indeed, otherwise it is not logical …, I thought.
And so I continue to pray that the Lord every day would search my innermost parts and brings order to everything that I have messed up.
I think of the promise of God: I am the Lord thy physician (Deuteronomy 15, 26).. There God promises much to Israel, many blessings, when they listen to the voice of God.
How good that Jesus forgives my fault and I can so claim this blessing!
Thank Heavenly Father, You care well for me! Thank you my health is in your strong, loving hand. I trust you that you’re doing everything right. And if I get sick again, so I want to continue to trust you. For You are the Lord, my doctor.

Bible Reading Today: John 6, 22 – 35

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