Hear God’s voice  –  2019.09.14

Hear God’s voice  –  2019.09.14

He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.
Revelations 2, 11

Actually it is very clear: The Bible says that we can hear God’s voice when we are His children and the sheep of His flock. It simply states: That is how it is, they hear Jesus’ voice without any ifs or buts.
But we have difficulties hearing Him! – This is our condition, and we want to change this condition.
If I want to hear the voice of my wife, then I do not go for a walk in the area, then I do not hear loud music or hide behind the computer. Then I look for her presence and try to extract her true thoughts from her words. What does she think? What does she feel? What does she want?
So it is with our relationship to God: We seek Him where He is; – in silence. We hear what He has to say; – to read the Bible, to keep silent in prayer, to spend time with Him in fasting, to listen to Him while walking, to listen to a word that a brother speaks inspired by God. (This is what happened to me today. I didn’t know exactly how to proceed. And there a brother says, by the way, how it is easiest. Well, I am glad that the Lord has decided through the brother.)
It is God’s wish to have fellowship with us and to talk to us. Already in paradise God came to Adam in the late afternoon and wanted to talk to him. He was looking for Adam, but he was hiding. God wants to restore this state of direct communication because He loves this community.
He works everything in us through His Holy Spirit. He brings about faith in us, trust, lets us feel the love of God, helps us to forgive where we can no longer, gives joy and peace. The Holy Spirit also lets us hear God’s voice because He dwells in our body.
Only very few people have heard God’s voice acoustically. But still many Christians know what God’s will is, because they notice it, they feel it and they are quite sure. This has to be practiced a little, and if you have heard wrong, it is usually not bad. Only courage is needed! Because we will only notice whether it really was God’s voice when we do what He says.

Jesus, give me courage to follow ​Y​our voice, to obey it! I want to see ​Y​our miracles! Yes, I want to belong to ​Y​ou and do everything for ​Y​ou. But I also want to hear what ​Y​ou tell me personally. Thank ​Y​ou for helping me! Thank ​Y​ou, ​Y​ou are there!

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