Heavenly Father  –  2020.06.07

Heavenly Father  –  2020.06.07

“Be perfect, therefore,
as your heavenly Father is perfect!”
Matthew 5:48

In the verses before Jesus had talked a lot about how we should behave, very differently than the world that does not know Him. Our behavior should reflect the kindness and love of God. Just as He deals with us, so we should do it with each other. Then He continues with His councellings: We should not worry and look instead at the birds and the flowers that God cares for so wonderfully.
Yes, we should dream of the best Father as young girls do it with regard to their perfect princes. He can really be almost like a wish-father in a fairy tale. Our best dreams of a father comes true. At the end He is more than we ever can imagine. Everything glorious is united in Him.
So often parents, teachers, bosses, all kinds of authorities, also pastors have dissapointed us, that we hardly can trust anyone anymore. From a human perspective they were not so bad, but as imperfect people and above all without Jesus they sometimes caused us anguish, hurted us without intending it. Without Jesus we cannot forgive and easily transfer this bad treatment to our Father God, have then a bad image of Him. God knows that and have patience with us. He loves us, wants to be our Father, is very sad if we shut the door, forget Him, have no communion with Him. Above all He wants us to be His children who totally trust Him.
Therefore I would like to ask you in God`s place:Give Him a chance to be your Father! Ask the Holy Spirit to help you thereby. He will show you that you have a loving, patient, gentle, strong, comforting, forgiving Father. He is not a quick convict, a perfectionist, a God who laughs at us…
No, we can trust Him. He is our Father who never forget His children, who never let us down, will never lose sight of us, seeks our closeness. He wants to be our Father. That is His strong wish. Only through Jesus Christ we can be children of God. Jesus must dwell in our heart! With Him only we can be chiildren of God. So simple is that, or not?
Enjoy the goodness of God, His love. Remove all pressure to perform, do not have a guilty conscience. He likes it most to be with us during a walk, or Bible study , or in prayer. He loves His children more than anything!

Thank You, Father in Heaven, You are really a perfect Father! I am totally safe and secure with You! You are wonderful, I love You so!

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