Heavenly supply  –  2020.01.04

Heavenly supply  –  2020.01.04

For the Gentiles seek after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them all.
Mathew 6, 32

Jesus talks about food, drink and clothing.  Work and housing we can add.  Yes, the Father in heaven knows what His children need and He wants to provide for them.  The only condition is that we trust Him.
We don’t even need to pray especially hard for it, because He knows.  A few verses before it says, “For your Father knows what you need even before you ask Him.”   (V. 8). And it is said: When you ask, give thanks immediately, because He always hears your prayer. Be joyful and grateful!
But….. …it immediately resounds in my ear. Yes, but!! There is so much that I had wished for and did not get, even though I had prayed so much! – And I can think of many people, also Christians, who suffer from hunger, die from light infectious diseases or die in the prison of North Korea and elsewhere. Where is the heavenly Father?
I think we have a different concept of suffering from our heavenly Father or Paul. Although Paul was a great apostle, he was weak, sickly and often in need, and in the end he died miserably on the cross. And we moan when we have an appetite for chocolate and there is only cheese in the fridge! Are we a little spoiled?
I believe that God leads us through depths so that we learn gratitude. Because only gratitude heals us from our pampering and effeminacy. Gratitude makes us cheerful and we see God’s work where others see nothing. Gratitude is the key to the grace of God. And whoever is completely united with Him experiences miracle after miracle, like Elijah, who was fed by the ravens at the brook Krik.
If you have family to care for, you may get down on your knees and give God the care for your people. You may stand up for them in prayer until God takes care of them (also through your active help).
HE stands by His Word, you will experience it.
Be grateful, cheerful, steadfast in faith and not a spoiled infant. HE means well with you.

Thank ​Y​ou Jesus, ​Y​ou have believed and God has provided for ​Y​ou. You also provide us with everything we need. Thank ​Y​ou for ​Y​our care, mercy, generosity and kindness!! Yes Lord, we love ​Y​ou!

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