Hidden Correlation  –  2020.06.03

Hidden Correlation  –  2020.06.03

… your Father who sees what is done in secret…
Matthew 6:4

There is so much in us which is hidden and forgotten. Many childhood events have shaped us. We do not remember them but they still have an impact today. In addition there are the weaknesses, the sins of the ancestors back up to 4 generations which certainly have an influence. I only know 6 of them. Do I know them really? Only God does that, only He can uncover all secrets.
He  looks into our hearts and excactly knows why we react so and so to certain things, why so squeamish and why we let get hurt ourselves so much. We can ponder about it as much as we want, we never will find that out clearly by our own. Only Jesus in us will bring it to light. Through praises and prayers He will show us the correlations at the right time.
So, for instance, I knew a lady who was terrified by water because it made her want to be drawn into its depth. When I prayed for her I saw only reeds with a murdered dead man it and knew at the same time that this had happened at a large river in southern Russia. Only the Holy Spirit can do that. I asked the woman whether her family comes from Southern Russia. When she confirmed that I described her the picture I just saw. Her ancestors had committed a murder. I offered to pray for her. She agreed and I asked for forgiveness and set her free from all negative consequences and bondages. Hallelujah, since that time she was able to walk along a sea with great pleasure. God is good!
Another example of His goodness: He shows a forty years old man when he was praising that his mother originally wanted to abort him. Now he understood why he had had so much trouble with her, hated her during his childhood. Now he could forgive and began to love and valuate her. The relationship between them became so good that finally also his parents gave their life to Jesus.
Finally I remember a lady who always reacted violently whenever child abuse was the issue. Funnily enough the Holy Spirit pointed me to corns at a foot. So I asked her if she had ever had a corn which she confirmed. I continued: OK, whenever someone steps on the corn doesn`t it hurt?  Yes, she replied and understood that she should find out the “corn” , the reason for her strong reaction with regard to abuse. She went to pastoral care and finally found out that she had experienced abuse herself. Her violent reactions had gone!
Yes, God looks into the hidden and can heal everything, violations of  heart and bad memories. In the name of Jesus we throw all sorrows on to Him. The Holy Spirit makes us happy, whole and free.

Thank You, Father in Heaven, You know everything. No matter how much I feel lost, you take me out and heal me. I always am safe with You.

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