His angel goes in front of us

His angel goes in front of us

“Look, I’m sending an angel in front of you to guard you on the way and to bring you to the place I’ve prepared. Be careful! Be sure to obey him. Don’t rebel against him, because he won’t forgive your transgression, since my Name is in him.
Exodus 23, 20-21

We have this angel which was sent by God: Jesus, our Christ, Messiah and Savior. HE goes in front of us when we go to the work or when we proceed with a new work for Him or when we want to take place which He has prepared. HE goes in front of us and guards us on the way. It is so good to know that our loved ones are under His protection! Where is it more secure for our children than under His wings? So good: He is there even in our daily work and daily little things, in daily routine, HE goes in front of us and guards us on the way. So good: this protection and certainty that our life is in His hand. How often has HE saved us, how often has HE intervened when something was bad in my life! Yes, HE really is there, and when we suffer from something we know: HE could change it immediately if it was important for Him.
We don’t want to oppose Him or to rebel against Him. It happens just sometimes that we don’t pay attention to Him or better don’t ask Him. And then we go our ways even though we feel a little anxiety. Or we pretend deaf and don’t go the way He prepared for us. That makes Jesus sad because it is mistrust against Him who loved us so much!
When HE calls us to a new commission He will go in front of us and remove the difficulties which we alone can’t overcome. We have to pay attention to Him and to listen to His voice. So we need quiet time with Him. So even “incapable” people can become powerful instruments of love in His hand. Be courageous! Actually HE makes everything, we just have to go holding His hand tight of course. HE loves to bless us and to be merciful to us. His mercy is new every morning.

Thank You, Jesus, You go in front of me and flatten the way for me. With You I can go easily and lightly. I not always understand everything but I can believe and trust You. You are God who loves me.

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