His Banner over me – 2016.11.11

His Banner over me – 2016.11.11

Let his banner over me be love
Song of Songs 2,4

God’s banner, His flag over me is pure love. It is good to gather together under this banner!
There are many children who have been rejected by their parents. Some have even had to go through attempted abortions. They carry this burden for life, even if they are able to compensate somewhat. But they always have difficulty believing that someone is able to love them. They find it hard to love themselves, and hard to accept themselves. They find it hard to believe that God, their Creator, loves them with His whole heart. They think the banner over them is damnation, not love.
God says to those people who suffer rejection: my banner over you really is love, without either/or. I created you, because I wanted you.
If Chin Ling Ma (a fictitious name) from China loves me with his/her whole being, it means nothing, because this person is not important to me. I don’t even know him/her. And why should it be so important that God loves us? Because He is the only one who can heal the hurt of rejection. He can fill our hearts with the love and acceptance that we have been missing so badly. He is able to turn into reality what no person can achieve, no matter how much they love us.
That is why it is so important for people who feel rejected, unloved and redundant to open themselves to the love of God. We should bask in His love and enjoy it! We shouldn’t constantly pour out our hearts before Him, complaining about our suffering. We want to become still before Him and wait for His answer. We want to feel His healing touch during the church service, in song and in prayer. We want to hear His Word when taking a walk, listening to music, while resting and working. Then it becomes truth: His banner over me is love. It changes and heals. It turns me into a stable, joyful person. It ousts self pity and spiritual suffering. New people are created! And their trademark, the banner over them is the love of the Creator!

Thank You, Father, for being so good to me! You have created me and called me to You. You meet me with love, without damnation, without accusation, without threats. Yes, with You I am fully accepted, secure and safe.

Bible study for today: Psalm 1

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