His Blessing  –  2020.11.06

His Blessing  –  2020.11.06

The LORD will send a blessing,
on your barns:
and on everything you put your hand to,
what your hands can do.
Deuteronomy 28, 8

I love this verse because it so well expresses God’s good will for me. It is not an assurance that everything will always go well or that you won’t have to do anything yourself, nor is it God’s promise that you will become a millionaire. It expresses God’s good will for you.
If you are a miller, He will help you to grind. If you are a farmer, He will help you with the work, or drive the cows from time to time, or let the sun shine a little longer, or send a few drops of rain. HE has His eye on you!
And if you are driving, He will keep watch and prevent many an accident.
And that is why nothing ever goes wrong with us, or does it? Yes, because He knows us. HE knows that if everything always goes well and we only ever experience success, then we would be the most ungrateful and arrogant people in the world. And He really does not want that.
That is why the promise above is tied to a condition: “…if you will listen to the voice of your God.”
And how are we going to hear God’s voice if we are only ever busy with work? We need the silence with our Lord, we need the fellowship with our brothers and sisters, reading the Bible and prayer! We need the time with God, and an open ear of the heart. How else should He speak to us and we hear Him?
This alone saves us from arrogance, pride, impatience, dissatisfaction and ingratitude.
When we are connected with the Lord in this way, He can send many adversities across our way; – He knows that we are stable enough and can carry it. We do not know what God’s reasons are, but we trust in His goodness, wisdom and prudence; therefore we can also accept adversity and misfortune.
For His name’s sake we will have to suffer much. And because the prince of this world is against us, we will have to endure much. And because others do not like us, we will suffer injustice. All for our Lord. And we will succeed; – with His help, of course.

Thank You Jesus, You are by my side! I know You love me and want to bless me. And if something goes wrong, if I have to suffer injustice, if an accident happens, I know that You are above it and that You are still the Lord. It is much more important to me to be closely connected with You. Thank You, for being with me!

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