His education​ – 2019.08.12​

His education​ – 2019.08.12​

For his anger lasts only a moment,
but His favour for life;
weeping may stay for the night,
but rejoicing comes in the morning.
Psalm 30, 6

When a storm rages outside and thunder roar, when the elemental forces rage and shake the house, then you feel very small. What is man against this power? Against this raging, threatening and destroying? We are nothing.
And yet, in the morning after that there is rejoicing again! We clean up and are happy to be alive. We rejoice in the sun that laughs in the sky and the storm is quickly forgotten.
Life is similar. Often it looks as if God has taken His grace from us and everything falls to pieces. But after His judgment the sun shines again.
When we have learned our lesson, there is peace with Him again.
Sometimes I refuse to do His will – it is too hard or embarrassing for me. But if He withholds His blessing because of it, then I quickly sort out the matter, because I cannot live without His grace and blessing. There is no joy.
God, my heavenly Father, educates me for my own best. He is not moody and does not strike for no reason.
First He tells me what I should do or not do. Then He becomes more serious and in the end He separates me from everything that pleases me, also from His blessing. Then at the latest I give in and fulfil His will. For without Him I cannot live.
And when after my defiance there is finally peace again, I have apologized and He has assured me of His love, then joy spreads. This joy makes my soul jump and rejoice. It is so pleasant! Then I regret that it took me so long to obey Him; – He knows everything much better than I do!

Thank You, my Father in Heaven, for Your patience with me! Yes, sometimes I am very stubborn and stubborn. But Your love and patience always overpower me. You are sooo good to me!!! – Thank You!

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