His kindness toward me – 2016.12.15

His kindness toward me – 2016.12.15

But the eyes of the Lord are on those who fear him,
on those whose hope is in his unfailing love.

Psalm 33, 18
People use on violence, power, money, influence and relationships. They feel strong, if they succeed in everything. But God looks on. He knows how the end will be.
He sees those who cling to Him, and do not rely on wealth and power. He likes the little ones who have little of their own power. He loves those who are helpless without him. He pays attention to those, who are wronged and who cry to Him. There are His children.
If there are problems, we seek help. Some go to the doctor, some to the bank, some look for a good lawyer, …. and some begin to pray. God’s eye rests on all who look towards His goodness. It may be that we here, in human terms, lose. But He makesamends for  all damage. If we remain only in His ways and not try to help ourselves as we bend the truth a little and do wrong to myself!
He wants that His kindness is over our lives and not injustice, lies, revenge and greed. Then He can pour out blessings without end towards us. He is the living God who intervenes and acts. He delivers His children not the enemy!
We can see His goodness. If we raise our eyes to Him and do not see the dirt at our feet or the mountains of difficulties infront of us!
He wants His children first in all matters to look to Him and ask for advice. And only then we will get in motion and act – together with Him, in His ways, with him in mind.
Today He has promised blessings. We want to look for His goodness and rely on Him. He is the God who blesses you!

Thank Heavenly Father, You have never forgotten or forsaken me! You are really getting very, very close to me. With you I am safe especially. You care for me. You give me everything I need to live and to be happy. Thank you, Your goodness is about my life !!
Bible Reading Today: Psalm 31, 10 – 19

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