His Light – 2015.09.28

His Light – 2015.09.28

Send me your light and your faithful care, let them lead me.
Psalm 43:3

Many years ago I did a hick through the Harz Mountains. It was winter and darkness came early. The mood did not shine so it was pitch-black and I was all alone in the middle of some woods. What is the right direction? Which way to go? I could not just stay where I was, since I could not spend the night in the cold winter forest. So I inched slowly forward until I found a signpost after a while. I had to pull myself up to read the writing. Finally I know which direction to go! Not long and I would be home!
Sometimes our lives are similarly directionless. Where is the way? Where the right direction? Should I stop altogether? No light, no signpost, … , just nothing. But still, Jesus is our light and our truth. He is our signpost. From time to time He let us walk in darkness but He can see in darkness. He carries us, even if we do not notice it. He is directing us, even if we think we are on the wrong way. He sends His truth, His signpost just in the right time. He encourages.
This Jesus we can trust, especially in total darkness. He is still there. We can go courageously forward and should not stop. Sometimes we do not know our own way but He knows it very well. He knows the destination and will deliver us safely. With Him we want to walk! His hope, light, courage, and truth is what we want! He is the one that carries us.

Thank You Jesus, for I can rely on you. My life is not senseless but I have a direction. Together with You, I am save – even if I do not see any light You are my light. I trust in You. You will send my Your light and Your truth in right time!
Bible reading today: Psalm 139

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