His mercy – 2015.04.01

His mercy – 2015.04.01

Have mercy on me, Lord!
Matthew 15:22

A woman turned to Jesus as her daughter was seriously ill. However she is a foreigner and therefore not entitled to receive help from Jesus. She screams loudly so that the disciples ask Jesus: Master, free her from suffering as she makes great turmoil. Yet Jesus clearly says: No, I am here for my people only. In spite of that she pushes herself through the crowd and falls down before Him: Lord, help! Jesus remains hard: The dogs dont receive what belongs to the children. Yes, she answers, but there are always crumbs that fall from the table. Jesus looked at her and had mercy on her: <em>Woman, you have great faith. Your request is granted. </em>And her daughter was healed from that very hour.
This event ist very significant for us as it chellanges our own perception of God. At that time the Jews were seen as the people of God and the other people were dogs only. It was improper to talk to foreigners. Jesus, however, disagrees with this attitude. His mercy never ends and refers to all nations and to all kind of men who might not meet our expectations. He loves all people. There are so many outcasts Jesus is waiting for: Lonely people who feel worthless and think they are ignobel before Jesus. That
s all wrong! For Jesus loves the small, the poor, the unworthy, all that what is nothing in our eyes. All can come to Jesus no matter what we are. There is no limit. He is full of mercy. If we only could believe that!
As fighter for Jesus we want to continue His works of mercy. There are still so many people who do not know Jesus, have never heard from Him. There are the foreigners, the children and the unworthy, the outcasts, the despised and much more. They wait to hear the gospel, the message of love and mercy. Let us tell them the good news.

Thank you, Jesus, Your mercy is new every morning! Each morning You take away my debt und fill me again with Your Spirit. How I have deserved that? It is only Your grace and love not my merit. Please let me have mercy on the other people, especially on those who are normally despised. You have big plans prepared for them!

Bible reading: Psalm 56: 1-14

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