His servants

His servants

“My sons do not be negligent now, for the Lord has chosen you to stand before Him, to minister before Him and to burn incense.”
2 Chronicles 29:11

At the time when Hezekiah was king of Juda the tempel service has been stopped completely. The doors of the temple had been shut, the daily rituals did not take place anymore. The people and the priests they worshipped other pagan gods. In consequence there was great tribulation in the land, famine, attacks of enemies, and captivity. However, Hezekiak was a man of God. He decided to purify the temple and to activate its service again. First he ordered to open the heavy and rusted locked doors.
Today the communion of Jesus is the temple of the Lord. If we like to revive same, we have to open doors, the doors of our hearts, so that fresh wind of God can blow into the church. He will bring everything to light, throw out the rubbish, remove the cobwebs, dust and dirt. Our tired way of thinking should be renewed and guided into new trasks. New life should arise!
If we open our doors to let Jesus King of King come into our heart there will be quite some changes. He is not simply a guest but our Lord. We wish to receive His blessings, His presence for which we purify ourselves. We will not have a powerless service anymore according to rituals without being moved with compassion. He longs for hearts which love Him fervently and deeply. He wants to make our body to be a temple wherein He can dwell.
We want not to be careless, we want to give Him all. He has chosen us not to give us an easy life but to have children who walk in obedience and are praising Him. We are His servants who are filling the church with joyfull hearts praising His glorious name. We want to tell the people in the world about His majesty and attract them with prayers and acts of love to win their soals for the Lord. He is the true life and His servants and church should be full of His presence.
What a wonderful call: He has chosen me. I may stand before Him to serve and to bring my sacrifices. Am I really worthy for that?

Lord, my Jesus, I open my heart to You. Please bless me with Your fresh wind to create new life in me! Cleanse me from all useless things and fill me with Your Holy Spirit. Show me where I am bound in my thoughts. I am ready to break through and to think like You. Lord, I, Your temple, need new life. I will do everything to receive Your grace.

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