Holy Communion – 2020.01.09

Holy Communion – 2020.01.09

Jesus said:
Drink of it all; this is my blood, the blood of the covenant, which is shed for many for the forgiveness of sins.
Matthew 26, 28

It is at the Last Supper with the disciples. Jesus fills the cup with wine and hands it to the disciples with the words above.
For centuries Christians have argued and fought each other whether the wine was only symbolic or turns to blood in the stomach or already in the cup …. Dear, as if there is nothing more important! If the devil can’t make us disunited because of Jesus, then he can make us disunited with second and third important things, which he makes so important that we really have quarrels and enmity!
Brothers, let us celebrate communion with Jesus! HE is the center of faith! HE is our foundation! The color of the roof is not so important …
The Lord’s Supper has great power. We enjoy our Lord who gave Himself for us, we formally receive Him into us, and then He is in us. We live by His dying. This is holy, it is not to be understood in all depth, but it can be grasped in faith.
He died, shed His blood and with this blood He has written a covenant: forgiveness, – no revenge, no punishment, no judgment.
Whoever does not believe it, makes Him a liar and blasphemes Jesus’ work. Therefore, cling to forgiveness, do not allow doubts to arise again. Repeat it to yourself: I am forgiven, thank Jesus! – so that faith may finally grow!
No exception is given, all sins are forgiven. And if the sin were crimson, God would make it white as snow!
Forgiveness is for many. If you refuse forgiveness to someone, you will not be forgiven yourself. Then the tormentors wait and disturb your dreams and thoughts!
In this simple ritual, God himself comes to us and works in us and between us. Maybe we should use it much more often? HE works through the Lord’s Supper, and we need His healing nearness!

Thank You Jesus, You shed Your blood so that I can live. You have forgiven my many sins, and I will forgive my enemies. Jesus, how good that You dwell in my heart and bring light, hope and healing!

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