Homesick  –  2019.09.23

Homesick  –  2019.09.23

How lovely your dwelling-place,
Lord Almighty!
My heart longs and my flesh cries out
for the living God.  ….
Blessed are those who dwell in your house,
who are ever praising you.
Psalm 84, 2.5

When you are a stranger, you are often homesick. There, in your homeland, everything is familiar, you feel safe and secure. In a foreign country everything is uncertain, insecure, you do not understand the language, you cannot communicate properly, you cannot communicate what you feel and think, you do not know whom you can trust, you feel like a piece of wood in the water, thrown back and forth by wind and waves. Homeless is a hard fate.
That is why people try to build up a familiar environment in a foreign country, where they feel comfortable and safe.
We as Christians are not at home here. Our world is beautiful and we praise the Creator. We enjoy the goods of the world, television, computers, travel, sofa and a fine car. And yet we feel like a foreign body because our genes are heavenly and not tied here. We feel this dissonance between our world and heaven and that makes us restless.
Others are restless because they are not at home. They are in a strange place and homesick.
Jesus speaks kindly to us, and has true. He does not comfort us with promises of the world beyond.  Instead He says: I am your home. Everything you need is in me.
This trusting bond with Jesus destroys all homesickness, because in Him we find rest, peace and security. Where HE is, there I am at home!
If you are homeless or far away, turn to Jesus and tell Him your suffering. He has mercy and bends down to you, fills you with His closeness and peace, which no one else can give; you too should know: In Him I am at home, in Him I find peace, serenity, security, peace, no matter where I am.

Thank You Jesus, You are close to me wherever I am.  Where You are, I feel comfortable and secure. My home is with You!

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