Hope  –  2020.01.29

Hope  –  2020.01.29

“For I know the plan I have for you!”
declares the Lord,
“plans to prosper you and not to harm you,
plans to give you hope and future!”
Jeremiah 29:11

What wonderful words! And the most exciting and promising about them is: they are true as it is the Lord who pronounces them. He keeps His word!!!
Yes, God has good plans for us, good thoughts. He does not want anything bad for us, just good, and more good! The truth is we are blocking His good plans, unfortunately.
I know many who are in hopeless situations. They have been doing poorly for years. Their problems are getting bigger instead of decreasing. There is not enough money, not even until the 20th of the month.Their health is decreasing. Sometimes it is cancer that strikes them, eat them up. There are so many serious problems.that seem unsolvable. But the Bible procaims: Have trust, rejoice, be happy, thankful and praise the Lord!
Is that possble? Who is right now? Who has the say, the misery or the comfort of God, His encouragement? This is the moment where the struggle of faith begins. If we only could believe Him! Jesus reaches out to us in redemption.But do we trust Him, lean on Him totally? Are we able to overcome our mistrust, skepticism, bad experiences, which captivate us? Lord I believe, fogive my unbelief!
Be sure, God can change your heart and give you new hope, wish to plant a new life into you. With this new heart you will sing inmidst of problems, will rejoice as God is filling you with liberating bliss.
This life as we experience it is not all. The world has been overcome. There is a way out of it, there is hope. God is in control, sees everything, wish to give you peace and also prosperity today and forever. Therefore again: Trust Him, follow His Son, choose the narrrow path and He will be with you always, will solve all your problems. Thank Him! Great joy and ease in gratitude will be there!

Thank You, Jesus, again thank You! For You are my Redeemer who saved me out of darkness. And You will carry on to bless me until I am old and grey. Yes, you are faithful and close at my side!

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