Hope for Today – 2014.08.01

Defeat does not come to those who trust in you…
Psalms 25, 3
This is God’s firm promise to us: When we trust in Him, we shall not be put to shame! It may be that the matter ends differently than we wanted, but it always ends as God wants it.
Trust in the Lord and be strong! Have fixed courage and hope in the Lord! – It is said a few verses later in Psalm 27, 14.
God himself gives us courage to trust Him, to put all our hope in Him. We don’t need to wait until everything else disappoints us and fails, and then trust. God wants to be our helper in every trifle during the day and, of course, in every great thing. He likes to be very close to us and to be part of our daily life. That’s why it’s so good to look for His grace in the morning and begin the day with Him. How much easier are the days when we have a strong helper and friend! How much joy is lost when we go through our struggle for survival all alone! – No, we want to live with Him and entrust Him this day and our lives. We want to live "footed" and unencumbered of worry! We want His joy and His power!
Thank you, Heavenly Father, today You’re close to me and help me in all the small and big things. How good that You have the overview! How good that You are my helper! How good that You know my troubles and relieve me from all of them! How good that You are with me!

Here some personal greetings to You, loyal "devotion readers".
Summertime is travel time, you might know that. I as well have some holiday plans and am going to go on vacation for two weeks. Since I will not have an internet connection you will have to waive the daily devotions.
At this point I would like to thank you for your loyalty. I am still glad to see how the numbers of devotion readers are increasing. If you like this short texts and if you know someone who could benefit from it, you are welcome to tell him of this webpage.
Oh, and by the way: If you can not only speak English, but German as well, you would do us a big favour if you could help us translating the German devotions into English. You don’t need to be perfect, just a little support would incredibly help us.
So, if you think you are the right person to help us spreading God’s great word, please make a short comment.
Now I wish you a wonderful summertime with lots of sun, laugh and profound experiences with God. Stay blessed!

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