Humbleness – 2015.02.25

Humbleness – 2015.02.25

"Now Moses was a very humble man, more humble than anyone else on the face of the earth."
Numbers 12:3

Humbleness is a divine gift. As mentioned in Matthew 11:28 Jesus was humble. He said: "… for I am gentle and humble in heart." His deep humbleness enabled Him to wash the feet if His deciples. He did not need to pretend to be a great man He was the Lord of Lords. He was obedient in such a way that nothing could harm the relationship between Him and His Father.
Moses had learnt in the desert to be humble. Over there God prepared him to fulfill significant tasks. He did not want to have a leader who was sure of himself and played the great hero. He required a man who depends on Him, trusts in Him, so that nothing could upset or shake him. Not self-confidence but confidence in God only can guarantee that. Be a servant not a master! Not only I, I, I but you, you, and once more you! Humbleness is really a gift. Not often you will encounter humble Christians. Therefore Jesus is emphasizing this attitude so much. He demands that who wants to be leader should be prepared to serve; who wants to lead should be interested more in the welfare of the neigbour than in the own well-being. He repudiates servants who nominate themselves for His work. God wants to call and train them Himself. He will confirm His call publicly before others.
Moses was more humble than anybody else. When people spoke bad about him God intervened. He said: I talk to men only through dreams but with my servant Moses I speak from face to face. God punished the accusers with illness. Then they beseeched Moses to intercede for them. Moses was not revengeful at all but started to pray for them immediately. God heard his prayers. How could He deny a wish of His servant Moses?
If we decide to seek the Kingdom of God we must humble ourselves. This is challenging, for everything in us is against that. All pride has to be buried. My selfishness has to be overcome. Jealousy, greed, and bossiness have to be brought to the Cross. Instead safety and security in God,, unselfishness, mercy, authority,discipline, love, patience and much more will have to grow. It is really a hard way to go but Jesus will help us. It is worthwhile to follow that road!

Thank you, Jesus, you have foregone this way for us, I will follow you . Humbleness! that is really a challenge! But I will throw all on You what is stopping me , will clear away everything which is blocking me. Please fill me with the Holy spirit for I need Your help.

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