I am a blessing  –  2020.05.14

I am a blessing  –  2020.05.14

A blessing you shall be.
Genesis 12:2

This is God’s calling not only for Abraham, but for all His children: A blessing we shall be!
This is possible because He frees us from all worries and fears. Because HE heals our hearts from all damages, also the memory. Because He redeems us from sin, sets us free. Because He also bears the consequences of sin…. And now tell me, what else prevents us from being a blessing? – Yes. Selfishness and nothing else.
How do you become a blessing? Just like Jesus: By giving yourself completely, becoming a servant for others. One is safe in Jesus, HE provides for us, we can give ourselves without fear. Our time, our money, our energy. We get everything from Him, so that we deal with it generously and not so that we bunk it in the cellar or as dead stock. If you store up the blessings and benefits He gives you, you prevent there from being supplies. He thinks you don’t need it because you have everything. If you give it away, you have empty hands which He can fill. And He does!
Egoists are such people, who are always just revolving around themselves. Today I feel so bad… someone has something against me… These people turn many things around, but especially they turn around themselves and their feelings. The feelings rule these people. Today like this, tomorrow different, but never in such a way that they would be useful for the Kingdom of God… So you have to sacrifice your feelings and not care about them anymore. It is Jesus’ business if we belong to Him, isn’t it? Because the context of the verse is like this: I bless you, and you shall be a blessing. This is like a contract between God and me. HE blesses me so that I may be a blessing.
The greatest blessing is a person who can forgive and has thus won a big, wide heart. With him people feel accepted and taken seriously. In his heart there is room for the needs of the people and for the people themselves. Such people are in short supply in the world. Come, be a blessing from God for your family, friends, colleagues, neighbours and all who meet you!

Thank You Jesus, You bless me and I can pass this blessing on to others. How good it feels!! Thank You for the support you give me. You really love me!!

PS: It is nice to pray for others and to be such a blessing. One is quietly happy when the others are doing well and God answers our prayer.

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