“I am child of God!” – 2015.09.20

“I am child of God!” – 2015.09.20

How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!
1John 3:1

As brothers and sisters of Jesus all promises are offered to us as they were given to Jesus. We may expect to receive them, God will make it happen if we believe it. As Jesus was raised from the dead being now in heaven with the Father, so it will be with us. He will protect, keep, and care for us as He did it with His Son Jesus. As He acted through Jesus He intends to work through us.
The Father loves all His children with all His heart; really all! My children are my children! Nobody will change that. They are and remain my children regardless whether they behave well or badly. I will take care about their well-being, will feed them, will be kind with them, want the best for them. I am glad when our relationship is cordial without mistrust, quarrels, and secrets and when we always seek and maintain good fellowship and no shadow of a lie will harm this communion. How wonderful it is when we mutually forgive us our trespasses and rebuild our relationship in great trust with all our heart.
This is Gods love: No sin, no death, no man can separate us from His love. He loves, loves, loves! We can only live in His love provided we sease to sin and ask for forgiveness. We want to live in His light as He is light.
Jesus is our Brother forever our strength and shield. He makes us a way to the Father
s heart. He stand up for us before the Father and intercede for us all the time. He is our big Brother who is there for His little brothers and sisters.

Thank you, Jesus, You prepare for me the way to the heart of the Father. You take all my guilt to You and now dwell in my heart. God the Father now sees You in my heart. Thank you, now I am God`s child!
Bible reading today – Psalm 131: 1-3

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