I belong to the Lord!  –  2019.12.11

I belong to the Lord!  –  2019.12.11

But now this is what the Lord says:
Do not fear, for I have redeemed you;
I have summoned you by name;
you are mine!
Isaiah 43:1

Above verse has actually one of the biggest meaning to me. So often these words had encouraged me. How powerful this promise is! I am in His hand! Everything is done by Him, I need not do something in addition. Our Lord is master of the universe and of the invisible world. When He is at my side, when He loves me what should I be afraid of? Fear not: Heaven and earth will pass rather than our Father will give up his child. He has redeemed me! Never I can do that by myself with any philosophy, or with any other teachings. I am too weak! But He can do it, He has accomplished salvation for me.
He has called me by my name. Yes, He knows my name, always has it before His eyes. will not forget me for a second. He knew me before the creation of the earth, each day of my life was aware to Him. When I lied in the dirt, was lost in sin, He lifted me up. He had chosen me inspite of my failures about which He knew before. What a comfort! Whenever my faith fades and I get stuck, I remember that. To this day He is faithful to me even though I often failed. He is truly a generous, friendly, and compassionate Lord!
I am His! Yes, I am no longer bound to the enemy!  I escaped his influence now looking at Jesus who has paid the price of redemption for me. The enemy still want to scare me, will try to pull me out of God`s hand with lies and temptations. But I belong to the Lord! And His Holy Spirit in me will watch out, that nothing will separate me from Him. I am His and do not belong to men. In His arms I am protected against any bad influences of people who want to abuse me for their own purpose.
I even do not belong to myself, the old carnal man in me. I say good-bye to all what is separating me from Him which costs many sacrifices, overcoming of pride. But I will give all. I belong to Him, my wonderful Lord! Amen!

Thank ​Y​ou, Jesus, You have paid the price for me! I am Yours! How wonderful, that You care for me! Nobody can pull me out of ​Y​our ​h​and – thank​ ​You!

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