In His presence  –  2020.09.23

In His presence  –  2020.09.23

But as for me, it is good to be near God.
I have made the Sovereign Lord my refuge.
I will tell of all your deeds.
Psalm 73:28

The psalmist David takes a closer look at the people around him and ponders. He does not seem well because he is keeping the commandments exactly while the wicked and the loudmouth seem to be so fine. He writes in verse 4 : “Their body is healthy and fat”.
They can do nothing but having parties. They lie and cheat and still get richer. People seek their favor because everything seems to be working out for them. And he himself? He is poor, lives on dry bread and water although he kept his heart pure for God. This grieved him and he became depressed. Was everything in vain? Do people rightly laugh at him, the fool?
Then he entered the sanctuary of God and came before God in silence. There he saw how all these rich people, the nobles, big boobs, swindlers fell into an abyss. Today they are the big ones, tomorrow they will sink without warning into the grave where hell is waiting for them. They will stand before the almighty judge whom they cannot bribe. They will realize that they missed the most important thing in life, will fully understand the error they have fallen into, what deceipt they have believed.
Money is not everything! It is God who provides us with all. Do not look at those, do not envy them who swims in richness. You don`t know what it looks like inside them, what kind of troubled dreams they have at night. Their wretchedness is hidden behind a glittering facade. The psalmist finds peace in God who reveals to him meaning and truth, who controls everything. Nothing happens without His will. From the tangle of thousand threads He will build a way for you on which you safely can go and your life will be successful. In His presence there is peace and joy, all comfort you need, new courage, new hope, and a completedly new perspective on things.
It is so wonderful to live with Him and finally to die with Him. Here on earth we are already near to Him, in heaven we will see Him from face to face. Then we are at the goal of our longing, all pain is stilled there.

Thank You, Jesus, with You life has a meaning and a purpose. Yes life is not only a festival, it is sometimes a severe fight. A fight which I will go through always with You. And this comforts my soul. Only in You my heart finds rest and peace.

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