In Jesus is the Fullness – 2016.11.17

In Jesus is the Fullness – 2016.11.17

In Him dwells all the fullness of God.
Colossians 2: 9

In Jesus Christ God has put everything He has: His Grace, mercy and all His love and mercy, His riches, glory, power, strongth … everything.
If we are missing something, we must ask Him. He loves us and is happy! It is just not as easy with our faith. Do we really believe that He gives us what we need? Or consider: First, I must be a little better and holier, maybe God hears me then. The way I am now, He can not give me anything …
My son had a great need: A large dog in front of him frightened him very much. I of course immediately walked and had chased the dog and put the little one on my arm. He had very dirty hands … Well, I should say to him, wash hands and I’ll help you? That would be very foolish, even stupid. But we behave like this! First we want to bring all the little things in order, and then, so we think we feel entitled to bring our requests to God. But then it will no longer be necessary, because we are already so holy and perfect as God! It is, as you can imagine, a spiral without end: I always have to be better. When a task is completed, I have to do the next, always there is something where I have to be better …. That will be up to the end of my way, and if it were possible, even longer!
God is a loving Father. He has sooooo much, and do not want to sit on His glorious things. He likes to share! He has indeed the fullness and can always create something new. Why should He be stingy to His beloved children?
We must take grace from Him. We must get peace without end, joy bursting, money, as much as we really need work, if we want to feel at home, in which even the Holy Spirit of God feels. Wisdom in everyday life. Glory that we should reflect Him. What is it, what God could not have for us?
But by faith we get it. Just by sitting at Jesus’ feet and listening to him, we know what God wants to give us.
Thank you, Jesus, you have so many riches for me! Money I do not need so much, but peace, joy, compassion, forgiveness …. that’s a lot to me, worth much more! Thank You for Your outpouring abundant blessings on me and think that you had more for me! Yes, Jesus, to you is the fullness and in you I find the fullness!

Bible Reading Today: Psalm 7

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