In Lord’s house – 2019.12.27

In Lord’s house – 2019.12.27

Didn’t you know I had to be in my Father’s house?
Luke 2, 49

Jesus was twelve years old when He already was in His Father’s place: in the temple of the Lord. And where are we? Are we children of Father and do we gladly spend our time in his house? Or we just hang around and watch out for fulfillment – just too seldom by Him? Or is it even so that we feel so good in His community that we forget everything what is happening outside?
Jesus gladly was in the temple and then HE went out to do His work. HE did not sunbathe all the time in the presence of God like on the mountain when Moses and Elijah visited Him. Peter wanted to set up shelters there to be there forever but Jesus knew HE has to go down to the earth: many people were waiting for Him there. Many Christians feel themselves so good worshipping the Lord that they forget about the lost people around. They live in another world, on the island of blessed people.
It is good to get new power, courage, hope and strength in the house of the Lord but it serves us so we could serve others. God wants to equip us with all we need. Small birds are in nest, their parents feed them until they can fly; then they become independent and fly by themselves, – or mother helps and kicks them out of the warm nest. Yes, God must help sometimes so that we could find our commission and would not think just about ourselves like thick fat children of cuckoo.
It is good to be in the house of the Lord. We find there peace and peace pol on which everything rotates. We find contact with Jesus there, our beloved Lord. We find there acceptance and comfort, joy and fellowship. Some communities don’t reflect warmness and mercy of God. But God wants to become the Shepherd himself so He could look after His sheep. There will be living communities where God can do things as HE wants. We will find mercy, comfort, encouragement and love there – everything we need so much.

Thank You, Jesus, You are my good Shepherd! You look after me and make me lie down in green pastures, You lead me beside still waters. You have everything ready for me. I would like to be in Your presence all the time but You send me to serve, and You yourself go with me. Yes, Lord, I can live good life with You and I can take my place here. You are so good to me!

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