In rest there is strength  –  2020.04.08

In rest there is strength  –  2020.04.08

“In repentance and rest is your salvation,
in quietness and  and trust is your strength!”
Jesaja 30, 15  

… so the Sovereign Lord says. But unfortunately He has to add: “you wanted to have none of it instead you replied: No, we will flee on horses…”
This is the pride and the arrogance of man. They want to go very high, want all. But then they fall deep. How much Boris Johnson ignored the corona virus, made nasty remarks about it. And now he lies in the intensive station and receive artificial ventilation.
So quickly the situation can change: Today high up and deep down tomorrow! Therefore we never should rely on ourselves, should seek instead our security always in God. There we are safe in the loyal hands of our Lord who cares for us. As long as we want to take care about the well-being ourselves we are not hundred percent in God`s hands. In constant unrest we always want to decide ourselves, go our own ways, and set our own goals. Only when God in His endless love breaks our pride, our rebellion peace enters our heart and we live in true certainty and security which only God can give.
What a grace that we can say no to our own ways, good or bad, but which God can never please. We rather prefer to sit at the feet of Jesus and listen to Him in trust and peace. For we know He does it right.
It is this trust, this calmness in us which gives us strength. In great distress other people panic, run around, talk confused. We, however, remain silent and certain, fear no evil as He is with us. God needs such people who are light in this dark world. Their prayers are powerful, effective weapons against the enemy, even if it is called the corona virus. He will bring us to the right place where we may be a great blessing  for others, the earlier the better.

Thank You, Jesus, in Your Heart I find peace and rest. security in storm, in biggest mess. In You I receive again strength and courage. You are always at my side! All glory to You!

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