In the House of the Lord – 2016.11.04

In the House of the Lord – 2016.11.04

… and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.
Psalm 23,6

Yes, I do want to remain in the house of the Lord forever! That is my home, where I belong. There I find comfort, strength, hope and joy. His compassion carries me,His mercy frees the way and His goodness strengthens me. It’s so good to live with the Lord! His home is there where He lives. He lives in my heart. He is the Lord of the congregation, which is His temple. He is building His Kingdom here on earth, and He is King. He reigns in Heaven. I do not want the house of the enemy to be my home. Therefore I am mindful of the movies I watch, the books, newspapers and news I read, and the company I keep. I do not want God to be unhappy with my thoughts and actions.
Forever: God makes me a wonderful promise. He says I may live in His house forever and always. His sign over me is love;- He will never forsake me, dessert me or reject me. As long as I am with Him, He will stick by me, in life and in death. We’re able to have a taste of God’s presence right here on earth. And in Heaven it will be complete. The joy of God will permeate everything, my entire being. All pain, all sorrow, all suffering will be healed and forgotten. The joy before God’s throne will be undiluted!- but I want to see this joy become reality now! And with Him that is possible!
Even if we have to go through sorrows here, the sun of His mercy is shining upon us. Paul had to endure much suffering, but always God’s presence was stronger. Can you remember when Paul and Silas were in prison? They were even chained in blocks. And still they were able to sing songs of praise. They praised God to such an extent that He sent an earthquake that broke the chains and locks. The same goes for sad and troubled times: goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever.
Nothing can tear us from Him. He is stronger than any sorrow or trouble. He is stronger than the enemy that threatens and batters us. In Him we find comfort, goodness and mercy.
Thank You, Jesus, that I may live in Your house, close to You. Thank You for Your protection. Thank You for being a merciful God, not an angry one. Thank You for allowing me to live with You now, and one day be in Heaven with You!

Bible study for today: John 19,1-16

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