In You I find Rest – 2014.12.02

I have calmed and quieted myself
like a weaned child on its mother.
Psalms 131:2
A few days ago I had a problem, which threatened to get completely out of my hand. I searched the Lord, and lamented Him my sorrow. I told Him my problem from all sides and in all variations, yes, I am a good complainer. But then the Lord reminded me of the devotion that we should leave our problems to Him. Well, that’s easy to say: Here You go, here You have it. And then I toss and turn my problem further. But the Lord did not let up. I realized that God himself wanted to solve this problem without me doing anything. I just had to decide: Keep thinking and whining about it, or leave it to Him and do no longer take care of it. Whenever I looked at Him and gave Him faith, His peace came to me. Whenever I thought about it again, the anxiety and fears came up. The Lord has solved the problem, in His own way, and it has become a blessing for all.
Lord, only in You my soul comes to rest. With You I’m safe like a small child on it’s mother. You are the one who cares for His children. Forgive me my little faith and my doubts. I will make up my mind to calm my heart with You.

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