Intercession  –  2020.04.23

Intercession  –  2020.04.23

Just say the word and my servant will be healed.
Matthew 8,8

The Roman captain had a sick servant whom he was very fond of. The servant became seriously ill and no one could help, but the captain had heard about Jesus and turned to Him. He knew that Jews were not allowed to enter the house of the Romans because of the purity laws, and so he said to Jesus, “I am not worthy that you should come into my house. Say one word and my servant will be healed. I also have soldiers who do what I say, and I myself must also obey orders. Just say the word, that’s enough. Jesus was very astonished at this simple faith and told him: “It shall be done as you have believed. I used to be able to pray for many people one after another in a short time. For I did not know what to pray for. So I asked for protection or blessing and the next one came. But, to be honest, I knew that God was blessing these people because of the intercession, but I didn’t know how it should be concretely. My faith was quite diffuse, like fog. It was not strong, just quite general. Well, better than nothing, but there are other ways! I learned the concrete prayer that waits for an answer and does not stop until God hears it or gives an answer. This sometimes takes a few days or even weeks, but the answer comes. The prayer is not just a short sentence, but it takes longer. It is with pauses of listening, the language of prayer is used, at victory there is spontaneous thanksgiving. There is certainty of victory when I am through with prayer. It has become quite different from the compulsory prayers of children. It has become alive – no longer boring, but exciting.
I know that even if there are thousands of miles between them, the Lord works. Sometimes we pray together on the phone or via internet. It doesn’t matter how we pray, God hears and acts. How good!
Oh Lord, just speak one word and your servant will be healed!

Thank You Lord for hearing my prayers! You live in me, and my words shall reflect your thoughts. Then they will have authority over the enemy and the disease or any other problem. You do miracles! I praise You, my dear, good, merciful God!

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