Intercession  –  2021.01.15

Intercession  –  2021.01.15

So He said He would destroy them – had not Moses, His chosen one, stood in the breach before Him to keep His wrath from destroying them.
Psalm 106:23

God was very, very angry. He had delivered the people of Israel from Egypt with many miracles and a strong hand, and now, a few weeks later, they were building a golden idol to worship. Moses had been on the mountain for days talking to God. And they had nothing else to do but to build their own god … Then God wanted to wipe them out, just strike them dead and forget about them. But Moses prayed for the people, he stepped into the breach. And God listened to him, because Moses was His chosen one.
How quickly we build our own gods when something is no longer right with our faith. Some idolise the Holy Scriptures, others immerse themselves in tradition, but they have lost the living exchange and contact with the Lord. How good it is when others step into the breach and stand up for us! God hears prayer! God likes it when we care for each other!
Moses was God’s chosen one, and we too are chosen by God. We are His beloved children! Read up on the “prodigal son” how much the father loves his child! He pays attention to the wishes of His children and is happy to fulfill them. Some come to God very demanding and proclaim everything for themselves. Others are very humble and may hardly say what they want. But God has an ear for everyone and knows how they mean it.
Be someone who stands in the breach for your brothers and sisters so that God will withhold His judgement! Our people and our country desperately need intercession! The churches are brimming with lifelessness; – they need prayer! Our own kinship needs healing and the Saviour! Our families need Jesus to hold them together! There is so much to pray for ….. one could spend hours on it.
How good that intercession is not boring. The Holy Spirit wants to intercede with us. We ask what and how we should pray. And the Spirit inspires us to pray intensely. There is no boredom in this community! It may be work, but it is very satisfying. Because we know: God listens to our pleas – our Father has promised this out of love for us.

Jesus, You are my advocate before the throne of God. You know what I lack and intercede for me day and night. I want to pray for my brothers and sisters and for my country. They need You so much! Have mercy!

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