Is there hell?   –  2019.12.18

Is there hell?   –  2019.12.18

Then He will say to those on His left:
Depart from Me, you who are cursed,
into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.
Matthew 25:41

Jesus never questioned the existence of hell.He always was aware of it. But I myself once asked me why God created hell if He loves men so much. These thoughts really troubled me.
No, indeed God created hell but not for men! The eternal fire is for the devil and his companions, the bad spirits which have fallen from heaven down to earth. This must have happened before man was created as otherwise the devil could not have approached him as a serpent in the paradies. And also the hell was there before but only destined for the devil. At the end of all times the just Judge will throw the devil into the eternal fire and with the devil death and all sin. Then we are finally free from all tyranny.
God has another plan with us human beings. We should cultivate earth, rule it, build up a fruitfull community. But the devil seduced us, made us and the earth dependant on him, so that we all fell out of Gods order. Sin entered the world and death came to all people. So from birth we live as sinners in a fallen world.
But with the fall God began His rescue work. To the serpent He spoke that her head will be crushed. Then He had built Noah
s ark. He created His people Israel to save all nations and finally sent His son Jesus. Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer! Only He can free us from the enemy, lead us out of darkness into His kingdom. With Him all plans of God will come true. The door to heaven is open! All we have to do is to invite Jesus to come into our heart and be a child of God. The Holy Spirit will help us. Without Him we will not succeed in our weakness filled with bad thinking and deeds for which there is no place in heaven.
We need the forgiveness through Jesus! He died on the cross, bore our guilt, so that we can stand through Him before God without blame, will stand the final judgement. But we escape hell which only is intended for the devil and his followers.Our hope is Jesus alone the only way to heaven!

Thank You, Jesus my Redeemer! You save me from hell by giving me knowledge,  purifying me, making me a child of God. With You I will succeed to live reconciled with the Father.

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