Isaiah 62:3

Isaiah 62:3

You will be a crown of splendor
in the Lord`s hand,
a royal diadem in the hand of your God.
Isaiah 62:3

Yesterday I fell to ponder as it seemed to me that I am writing always the same thing. Therefore I studied some previous devotions and realized that in effect it is always about something else , yet every time the core is Jesus. In this moment God directed me to a polished and ground diamond. Oh, how bright it shone! He then was asking me about the numbers of facets and I began to count them. After a short time already I noticed they are too many. I cannot count them all! Do you understand now, He said to me, and you had examined one diamond only. How many facets has now a man? Are we able to understand a person completely? There always will be facets which remain hidden to us. Who ever will know all facets? However, by each devotion a small facet is described. Yet thousands of devotions will not be able to name them all. And what about our Lord?
Gems and diamonds are formed deep in the earth. There is no light, only darkness. Great pressure are forming them. So it is with us humans. Jesus grinds us secretly in concealment until we are shining brightly – in His light of course. Yes, He forms diamonds from simple people, who are royal diadem in the hand of the Lord. Oh stay in Him and shine through His light! Without His light the diamond remains hidden and nobody is able to admire its beauty.
Jesus, how wonderful He is, the greatest of all gemstones! All attemps to describe You must fail, never will capture the full reality. This morning I read in the book of Revelation how John tried to describe Jesus in His greatness. In Him is full power, strength, authority and at the same time mercy, love, humility, piece, joy, hope. His is an allmighty,sensitive, patient, loving God!

Jesus, all my words are only fragments. It is wonderful that I may get to know You more and more. Its You who reveals Yourselve to me so I may enjoy Your presence. I pray let me be a Diamond in Your hand !

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