Jeremiah 23, 29

Jeremiah 23, 29

Isn’t my word like fire and like a hammer that shatters rock?
declares the Lord.
Jeremiah 23, 29

Words have great power! A word of comfort raises me up. Praise inspires me. But a bad word rips deep wounds. Constant criticism is deeply eating into the heart. As parents, we have the power to shape our children positively or negatively by our words. And I have the power to build up or pull down myself through my own loud or quiet words. Whoever repeats: I’m weak, I’m good-for-nothing…. soon behaves like this and believes it himself! As parents, we can shape our child to good and keep repeating how much our child is worth to us. How big and strong it is. How much it can already do. This makes a child safe and it feels loved. At the same time it changed us as parents. The fact that we are constantly saying how much we love the child, gives us so much love that we can even deal well with “difficult” or challenging children. We ourselves get changed in a positive way! The Word of God is good! It comforts, raises us up, shows appreciation, gives hope, courage and strength. We must often hear it, before it is firmly anchored in our hearts. Only then we will truly believe it and live it. And God is doing His work according to our faith. For a long time I felt unclean and unholy. Who else has such bad thoughts as I!? Since I found a verse in the Bible (1 John 1:7): “The blood of Jesus cleanses us from all sin.” I always repeated that verse when these bad feelings came back. And I slowly changed. I began to believe it. And I began to move more freely. The oppression by the negative thinking and talking fell away from me. And I could always come before God free and jauntily.
Yes, the Word of God has great power to change me! It is so positive and uplifting! It is worth reading and worth to be internalized. It is good to repeat the word until it is firmly anchored in our hearts. Try it a few weeks and you will also get good results. Because God Himself makes His Word true.

Thank You, Jesus, You yourself are the Living Word! You live in me and change me. I want to express Your life-giving word about me, about my children and about my surroundings. Because You create life!

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