Jesus Christ, the person  –  2020.03.13

Jesus Christ, the person  –  2020.03.13

In my former book, Theophilus, I wrote about all that Jesus began to do and to teach.
Acts 1, 1

This is how the physician Luke begins in Acts. It is about Jesus Christ. His first book was the biography of Jesus, the Gospel of Luke.
We Christians believe in Jesus Christ. And we want to find out who and what He is. What’s on His mind? What is His character? What shaped His life? What was important to Him and what was He against?
His teaching is actually sufficiently known. We know the great words of Jesus, and also His great sermons. The great miracles and signs that He did – we already know all that. But this does not reveal the person that is Jesus. For this we have to read and connect the small sentences between the great things.
For example: Early in the morning He got up and went to a lonely place to pray. – Aha, so this is one of the habits of Jesus: getting up early in the morning, seeking solitude and making contact with the Father.
Or: HE looked at the blind man and had pity on him. Aha, another characteristic: compassion. HE saw all the way into the depths of a person’s heart. Therefore He had empathy. In the original text it should say: His heart turned around. This is described very impressively. Real compassion is the motive that drives Jesus to act.
We in our prayer group have decided to read the Gospels once again and pay special attention to these verses that say something about Jesus’ character. We want to get to know His personality. We don’t want to believe in doctrines and teachings anymore, because then nothing much changes. We want to believe in Him, the person Jesus Christ. HE is the way, the truth and the life. – One sees well only with the heart!
I think this is a way to pray more intensely and to get more intimate fellowship with Him. Community with Him is more bout friendship than about work. I hope you will come along on the way to get to know this Jesus even better.

Thank You Jesus, You are not a dead, mute idol, no statue that I have to worship. You are the living son of God. I want to get to know You more and more, love You more and more and take more and more from You. You are my life; – I love You.

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