Jesus defeats the evil — 2016.01.15

Jesus defeats the evil — 2016.01.15

Who is this? Even the wind and the waves obey him!
Mark 4, 41

Jesus was with His disciples on the road to the possessed Garasenean. But the enemy wanted to prevent this and sent a strong storm, so that the boat almost sank. Jesus rebuked the storm and the waves, so that the lake was peaceful and silent within seconds. All the people who saw it did not stop marveling. They were struck with awe.
Jesus has the power! He is stronger than any storm and any wave. What he holds, is safe!
But he is not only the master of the forces of nature, but also over the enemy. The enemy had the Garasenean in a firm grip. The poor man had to do what the enemy wanted him to. He had become totally vicious. No chains and ropes were able to keep him longer. Full of malice and aggression he beat himself. He lived in the grave caves and the people were afraid of him. When Jesus came, the man ran to his savior and fell down before him. Jesus rebuked the evil forces and sent them away. Since the Garasenean was converted in seconds, no more loud and angry, but gentle, friendly, happy … Just as the lake was converted. The people, who came, grabbed the horror. They were afraid of Jesus and asked Him to leave the area.
Jesus is so powerful that his actions astonish us and strike us with awe. Also in our life he wants to work. He wants to stop the storms and waves. He wants to send away all the constraints. Anger and rage should be silent before Him.
There are people who are full of anger and rage. Sometimes they don’t like their situation, and they can only respond in this way. Sometimes the hormone metabolism is wrong, and people are aggressive (eg hyperthyroidism functions or when they take testosterone to build muscle). There are various causes. But one of them may be the enemy, the harping on a poor person. There we Christians are in need. We are defeating and send away this evil power in the name of Jesus. In prayer we ask Jesus whether it is so, and then we can act with his full power and authority.
The people, who are so ridden and respond with deep malice intended, shall have hope. Because Jesus is stronger. He comes and brings the liberation!
Thank you, Jesus, You have the power! Even if another wants to control us, you will still set free; because you love your children. We bring our needs and constraints; bring liberation! Yes, in the name of Jesus I command the spirit of evil to disappear!

Bible Reading Today: 1 Corinthians 12, 1 – 11

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