Jesus is completely different​ – 2019.07.15​

Jesus is completely different​ – 2019.07.15​

Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.
John 21:23

It is amazing how much some people want to constrict Jesus Christ. He is allowed to do this but not that. They refer to the Bible. But basically they want to limit Jesus to what is possible in their minds.
Jesus is the same yesterday, today and for all eternity. What He did when He was on earth is not impossible for Him today. He is still healing the blind and the lame, exorcising demons and saving the lost. He is still the friend of sinners and has mercy on them.
When the earth was still desolate and empty, who would have had enough imagination to imagine what God wanted to create? – No one could have imagined paradise.
When Jesus was on earth, would there have been people who had enough imagination to know everything He could do? – No. Again and again people were amazed and frightened by Jesus’ authority over storms, sin, sickness, demons and death. It was as if a new time was dawning. And that is true: With Jesus God came into the world and with Him His whole glory, salvation, peace, joy and boundless love. With Jesus came redemption from all that tormented us. Hallelujah! A new time, a time of redemption is here!
Even today, theologians still want to explain to us all Jesus cannot do. But they are mistaken. They do not know the Scriptures or the power of God. In any case, we do not want to restrict God and Jesus, but trust Him to do everything. The blind should see, the lame should jump and the bound should become free, sins should be forgiven and forgotten and the joyful gospel should be preached everywhere.
Our view of the world is wrong. We think we are here and God is somehow somewhere else. He becomes the counterpart, He is not a part of this world.
But the Bible says that God permeates everything. There are not two worlds, earth and heaven. He is always there, directly with us, He intervenes constantly and always. He is there, Helper and Saviour, is not only beside us, but in us, closer than the air we breathe. Let us trust Him more!

Oh, Jesus, how good that You are so close to me! How good that You penetrate my thinking, feeling and my body, that You explore and turn everything to good. Lord, I trust You, I trust You with everything, I want to see Your glory!

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