Jesus is Conquerer

Jesus is Conquerer

Therefore God exalted him to the highest place
and gave him the name that is above every name,
that at that name of Jesus every knee should bow,
in heaven and on earth and under the earth,
and every tongue acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord,
to the glory of God the Father.
Philippians 2,9ff

We serve a great, strong, wonderful Lord! He is conquerer over all, the strongest, the One who will have the last word! As yet we cannot see it, but we can have a taste of what is to come.
He reigns over all the powers of darkness, He will judge all of mankind, and He will conquer the old Adam, my ego, in me. In all areas He is either already Lord, or will be. Within me, around me, in the congregation, in the invisible world, He conquers everywhere.
Jesus came to conquer. He conquered death and the powers of sin on the cross. The powers of darkness could not withstand Him. He is building His Kingdom: within us and in the congregation of Jesus. At times it may appear weak, only a shadow of what is to come, what Jesus has planned. But the more we turn to Him and give ourselves to Him, the stronger the Kingdom of God becomes, in the congregation and the entire world.
Jesus conquered death. Now we will no longer die, but will simply be carried across into Heaven. Death has no power over us when we belong to Jesus.
Sin is like a person that seduces and enslaves mankind. The power of sin has been broken through forgiveness. Christians can still be seduced into sin. But as long as we cling to Jesus, we can resist. And should the enemy overpower us and the old ego lure us too strongly, there is still the mercy of Jesus: he cleanses us again. Sin is no longer a permanent condition, but rather a little occupational accident.
He has conquered sickness and suffering. During His time on earth He healed everyone who came to Him in faith. And the congregation of Christ experiences prayers being answered when we pray for the ill.
Darkness has no power. Long ago Jesus exorcised the evil spirits and we can do the same in His name. He gave us the authority to do so. All the dark ties, heavy loads passed down the generations, all the dark dreams, thoughts and deeds can be conquered in the name of Jesus.
I can conquer my old Adam, my fat ego. He may keep trying to persuade me to feed him with film, pictures, entertainment, luxury, comfort, and it brings me old feelings of bitterness, non-acceptance, greed, hunger for power, self redemption and other things. But if I sacrifice those feelings before God’s altar, in other words give myself over to death, then Jesus’ Holy Spirit can fill me and conquer the old ego. Of all my enemies, my ego is the worst and the most stubborn. Isn’t it great that Jesus knows the way to conquer it!
Thank You Jesus, You are conquerer. If I cling to You and trust You, I am on the victor’s side. If I let go, I start to fall. I would rather remain close to You, in Your hand. You love me!

Bible study for today: John 3,14-21

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