Jesus is the answer – 2019.12.05

Jesus is the answer – 2019.12.05

But the angel said to him: Do not be afraid, Zechariah, your prayer has been heard. … But the angel said to her: Do not be afraid, Mary, you have found favor with God.
Luke 1: 13, 30

Jesus is the answer of all problems. Therefore He speaks also to us this morning: Dont be afraid! For our Lord nothing is impossible.
When Peter walked on the water to Jesus and began to sink he cried out: Lord safe me! And Jesus immediately reached out His hand and caught him. If we are lost in a similar situation, Jesus will be there to help us. He is always present and in control. Let us trust Him totally. He is the only one who can help. We should not lament over everything and ask other people for help. Things may proceed not as wished by us but definitely according to His will. Therefore: Fear not, ask Him for consolation, strength, courage and help. He is closely at your side and cares about you always.
God has plans for us, which often we do not understand in the beginning. He had a plan with Zechariah to send us John the Baptist. When the Lord intervened in Zechariah
s life 30 years earlier he did not know at all the purpose of His actions.
God has a plan also with us. If we listen to Him He will let us know His god plans and thoughts for us. Trust Him and He will change the situation of ourselves, our family, our country with great blessings. Yes, we want to be His with all our heart. He will give us the best as for Him nothing is impossible.

Thank you, Jesus, I can trust You. I must not understand everything, if I only know and lean on You. I praise your god thoughts and plans for me and my beloved sisters. You are our Saviour, Helper and my Shepherd.

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