Jesus our High Priest – 2016.05.29

Jesus our High Priest – 2016.05.29

For we do not have a High Priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are – yet was without sin.
Hebrew 4:15

God wants that we know Him very well. Often we have misconceptions about Him. Some think He is a merciless Judge who records all faults that He will read at the day of judgment. So they feel obliged to compensate all mistakes with good deeds what they are obviously not able to do. Therefore they always feel guilty and are driven to highest achievements. Poor human being!
On the other side they are people who think that God does not take it so accurately. To sin a little bit as a human being that is quite normal. God will understand that and will love us nevertheless. Poor human being again! Jesus gave His life for us sinners. The forgiveness is not cheap to get as some think. In this case the Holy God will not forget one fault.
No, God is quite different: He loves us but not our mistakes. He is our Father who wants the best for us. He does not want it that we constantly are in trouble with our failures. We should immediately go to Jesus to tell him those to receive His forgiveness. With an unloaded heart we then can go on.
Jesus was a human being like you and me. He was tempted in every way, just as we are. He knows our challenge with sin, the lure. He had experienced them all. He knows that we are weak and filled with sinful thoughts, words and works. We are infected with sin. Jesus was without sin. He was able to say no. But he knows how strong a temptation could be and therefore understands our situation very well.
Yes, He is full of compassion for us.
He has given us a Helper: The Spirit of God who forgives and leads. With His power we immediately go to Jesus and ask for forgiveness when we have fallen down. In order to identify the sin in advance He has given us the Holy Spirit. As long as we are guided through Him we will not fall in sin. Yes, He is our High Priest who understands and sympathizes with us. He stands at our side in the daily battle against sin and temptation. He rejoices when we are victorious. He purifies us, when we failed and came to Him. As the mammy cleans her little from the dirt of the day so Jesus cleanses our heart each day perfectly.
How wonderful it is to have such a High Priest, Jesus Christ!

Yes, Lord Jesus, thank You, that You are there! Thank You, that You cleanses me daily, so I can walk through the day with a free heart! Thank You that You stand by me with love, mercy and compassion! Yes, You are my Helper, my Saviour, my Friend!

Bible reading today: 1. Timothy 3: 1-16

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