Lack of prayer strength  –  2020.03.08

Lack of prayer strength  –  2020.03.08

Strengthen the feeble hands,
steady the knees that give away;
say to those with fearful hearts:
Be strong, do not fear!
Isaiah 35: 3f

Sometimes we really are knocked down and have no courage. But as soon we see Jesus, life is coming again! Occasionally we think that there is no sense in praying. But as soon as we remember how often God has answered our prayers, had wonderfully intervened, then we have strength again to pray.
When we look at the infinite universe, at the stars in the sky then we know, nothing is impossible for our Lord! Dust we are, and to dust we will return; but God loves and cares for us. Glory!
When I look at all the ugliness in this world, all difficulties and problems then I often lose all my courage. But if I begin to see Jesus over all mountains of sorrows, light is coming again and I continue to sing.
Where is a God like Him? Yes, He comes quickly and fixes everything! People have no hope who ignore Him and disregard His love.He protects the oppressed against the persecutors. Inmidst of violence and injustice He gives us peace. He will take back all the stolen wealth and distribute same to His own. He will come to free His people out of their bondage. How many of His children are in jail, suffer from torture, are insulted, driven out, have to flee as they praise the name of Jesus. The conviction for the persecutors is sure to come!
They better should kneel down immediately and begin to pray! The Lord of Glory will come! He will establish His Kingdom of Justice. Our prayers today will help thereby. Do not get tired, time is short! God is counting on our prayer to work with us. Trust Him and you will receive the crown of life.

Thank You, Jesus! You answer my prayers! You appreciate them to work with same. You are Lord of the whole universe and yet You take me serious and do not forget me. Thank You!

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