Law and Grace – 2015.11.01

Law and Grace – 2015.11.01

From the fullness of His grace we have all received one blessing after the another. For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.
John 1: 16+17
Finally free of law!!! I do not have to meet all the rules any longer! I do not need to fight anymore in own strength against temptations, failures and feelings of guilt. I am free!!!!!!
The law is good, but it condemns that person who does not comply with the rule just a little bit. God judges without mercy everybody who disregards His law. The pharisees had tried it. They almost had been without blame, they wanted to live purely and holy without any sin. But Jesus said to them: You are mistaken! You do not know neither the scripture nor the power of God!
The law is like a yoke: Who tries to keep it, only sees the law: This I have to do, that I have to avoid. That leads quickly to self-condemnation or on the other side to arrogance with a dooming spirit. Only in grace there is salvation!
Therefore Jesus came: He has fulfilled the law and wants to give us the grace that is above the law. He wants to pour out over us grace upon grace. In Him the difference between law and grace is wiped out. He himself is the word, the truth, the grace and life. He wants us to live out of His grace and not according to the letter of law. Without Him, without His spirit the law is dead and is killing us. But in Him we already have complied with the law because the grace and forgiveness of Jesus makes it possible. His spirit offers life, life in abundance!
Also today His grace should rule the day. If I intend to do difficult things His grace will help me. I am safe in His grace even when a heavy storm rages around me. I want to receive it, the grace of Jesus! I expect everything from Him and always I will ask for His grace. And He likes to give! Yes, today I want to allow me to be pampered by His grace. Be joyful my soul, for my God is gracious to me today!

Thank You, Jesus, You are grace! And the sun of Your grace shines upon my life. It is wonderful, that You are at my side and be gracious to me. Of what should I fear and what to worry? You are still there!

Bible reading today – Proverbs 15: 1-33

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