Light and Darkness – 2016.07.06

Light and Darkness – 2016.07.06

Anyone who claims to be in the light but hates his brother is still in the darkness. Whoever loves his brother lives in the light, and there is nothing in him to make him stumble.
1 John 2:9

The love of Jesus for his disciples is unlimited, full of patience, forbearance and hope. He loved them although they were ordinary people, faulty, sometimes childish, lofty and proud. He even accepted a kiss of friendship from Judas and addressed him as “my friend” when he came to betray him.
Only perfect love makes it possible to put indestructible hope in this “wild” group of disciples. Jesus knew that the Holy Spirit would change them to heroes who will proselytize all the world and who will even be ready to pay the price of life.
When He evaluated His disciples He could observe their failures and see their opportunities. He decided to see them with God’s eyes: full of hope and love!
How do we see the members of our church of Jesus? How do we decide, with what kind of eyes we want to look at them? God has chosen them, too, just like He has chosen us. He loves them as a Father in the same way as He loves us. When we seek only the faults of our brothers and sisters we make our heavenly Father very sorrowful. Then we will be nothing else but an advocate of the enemy.
Unfortunately it is true that we as Christians are sometimes greatly hurt by other Christians, especially by leaders. God allows it. Perhaps He wants us to be not dependent on great leaders but on Him alone. May be He wants to eliminate our pride. In any case He has the best intentions when He shatters and purifies us.
God loves our Christian siblings. He forgives them all their faults. Then should I be stingy and refuse to forgive? Should I expect instead that they would come to me to apologize deeply?
No, I will not be like that. I am not God, their judge! I want to forgive them and pray for them. I will bless them and wish them all the best! God will help me to overcome my pettiness and thoughts of revenge. I want to live freely and at ease among my brothers and sisters, sing and pray with them. Nothing should burden me for I am in the light as Jesus lives in the light. Then I am touched by His mercy and love. Then I am able to love wholeheartedly as He has loved. Never will I get lost in the dark morass of bad thoughts. I want to live joyfully in heavenly peace!
Heavenly peace shows itself in deeds: I want to help my brothers and sisters as Jesus helps me. I do not want to expect something in return. That is not the way of Jesus.

Thank You, Jesus, You live in me and therefore I can forgive and even love. Yes, I forgive my sisters and brothers and pray that You would bless them. I willingly help them because You have helped me. You are the Lord who puts light and joy in my life.

Bible reading today – James 2: 14-26

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