Like Jesus – 2019.10.17

Like Jesus – 2019.10.17

Be of one another in the way that corresponds to life in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 2, 5

So if there is admonition in Christ, encouragement out of love, a communion of the Spirit, heartfelt affection and mercy, then make my joy perfect by being of one mind, united in love, unanimous and united, that you do nothing out of ambition and nothing out of boast. But in humility one appreciates the other more than himself. Each one pays attention not only to his own good, but also to that of others. Be in tune with one another as it corresponds to life in Christ Jesus. He was like God, but did not hold fast to be like God, but emptied himself and became like a slave and like men. His life was that of a man; he humbled himself and was obedient until death, until death on the cross. This is why God exalted Him above all others and gave Him the name that is greater than all names, so that all in heaven, on earth and under the earth might bow their knees before the name of Jesus and every mouth might confess: Jesus Christ is our Lord – to the glory of God the Father.
This is how it should be in our churches. But pride, greed for power, lust for power, egoism, bitterness, greed for money and blasphemies too often. We want it differently! We want church as Jesus shows us!
We want to put our egoism to death, our dogmatism, pettiness, argument about doctrine and everything that separates us from our brother. We want to live Jesus. We want to live what He has in His heart, for Him alone, not for ourselves. May all glory be to Him, not to us.
That is where dying begins for us. And if there are enough brothers and sisters who live this, then the church really begins. True brotherly love, Jesus love. Then He is the Lord of the church.
Oh, how bitter it is how Christ is ridiculed by our egoism. Much forgiveness is needed.
I want to live for Christ. Even if it is difficult. Even if I myself sometimes relapse. But I want to bow and go His way. How difficult is it for Him in our churches, should it be easier for us?

Oh Jesus, I love You! That is why I want to forget myself and live for You. You are my goal, my way, my truth and my life. Help me to live as You have lived. I need Your Holy Spirit!

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