Little Faith – 2020.06.14

Little Faith – 2020.06.14

Jesus said to His disciples:
“You of little faith, why are you so afraid? ”
Then He got up and rebuked the winds and the waves,
and it was completely calm.
Matthew 8:26

The disciples had done everything possible to survive. Inmidst of the heavy storm on the Sea of Galilee they tried to keep the boat on course, scooped out the overflowing water with all their strength and certainly cried to God for help. Inspite of their prayers the death was before their eyes. As experienced fishermen who knew the sea very well, they were sure that it was over now. In their​ ​fear of death they turned to their sleeping Lord who called them weak in faith before rebuking the storm.
Ordinary people will not understand this, will protest vigorously. A true believer in Christ, however, will not fear in such situations, will say instead: What can happen to me when Jesus is with me in the boat. What can go wrong? I trust Him as He trusts His Father who does not let Him drown. Should we let Satan triumph? No way!
Yes, we must be aware and should never forget it that Jesus is always with us in the boat. We are not alone! Whereever we are high in the air in a plain, deep in the water in a submarine, or in the car, He is with us! He trembles with us when we have to pay high bills, when we are fired, when we get sick, or have an accident. Let Him come into your heart. He is worried about you, wants to carry your burdens. This is the secret of faith. Praise Him who sits together with us in the same boat!
We, therefore, may live in total security: God sees His Son in our heart, our advocate who stands up for our guilt. So come to Him with all evil and desaster whatever it will be. In Jesus we are safe. When we pray to our Father in the name of His Son He will answer our prayers! In Jesus we can stand before God as justified and holy!
Jesus in us, the mystery of the Christian faith!

Thank You, Jesus, You are living in me, in my heart! Be my King ! Only you reign in me, protecting me wonderfully. In all situations I may trust You. You are so good to me!

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