Live in Blessings  –  2020.07.26

Live in Blessings  –  2020.07.26

The Lord said to Abram:
I will bless you…
and you will be a blessing.
Genesis 12:2

God`s blessing, what does that mean exactly? Everyone has a rough idea about it. But can we describe it precisely?
I think, the blessing flows when God positively influences us in His grace, keeps us well in our environment, pays attention to our well-being.  The curse is there when the link to God is cut off and darkness covers everything, our surroundings, our bodies, ourselves. There is only blessing when God acts, overflowing grace and love! It permeates everything, determines our housework, our learning, job, possessions, housing, our nutrition…. as well as our health, our mental wellbeing. These are exactly the areas where the enemy can attack us, where the curse can be active. He has no power when we live in the Holy Spirit who creates love, joy, peace and all character traits of God.
When we get weak, live in sin the curse will follow. A weak faith does not trust the blessing much and let us keep clinging to “old wood”. Sin and small faith are blocking the blessings.
But God likes to bless as He loves us. He wants to bless our work with success, wants to restore our health, and does it sometimes without having been specifically asked for that. Many experience healing and preservation by being close to God through Bible reading, prayers, fellowship with Him in a quiet time. Then God acts!
With the same strength with which God is blessing us we will bless our environment: our own family, our neighbor, friends and collegues. A blessing wreath arises. We bring them before God, ask Him to bless them with His grace, to forgive their sins, to protect them, to make them happy, to lead them nearer to Jesus the Savior of this world.

Thank You, Jesus, for Your grace thart is above my life. Lord, please show me if there are still blockages and areas in my life where you cannot be effective. Please let me be a blessing for other people, make me an ambassador of Your love! Amen!

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