Live in Jesus’ Love – 14.07.2016

Live in Jesus’ Love – 14.07.2016

As you have heard from the beginning, his command is that you walk in love.
2 John 1: 6b

Some believe that in order to be saved, one must keep all the commandments of Jesus. For he says: He who keeps my commandments, loves me.
But it is much more complicated, or sometimes simpler: We should live in love; – So is His commandment. We don’t have rules for every situation; but we have to make new decisions every time, based on the principle of love. This is no life after commandments, but a lifestyle! We will make mistakes, Jesus knows that also; – And therefore there is forgiveness.
First, we are to live in Jesus’ love, bask in it and be healed. He wants to surround us with His love, fill us with His love and give us words and gifts of love. He who has first loved us! You shake us up and make us new. In this love of Jesus there is no room for self-condemnation, because we make mistakes, no room for denial, because we do not meet the ideals of beauty, no room for fear, because He is still with us and no place for worry because He provides for us, no place for hustlers because we receive from Him an easy yoke, no place for depression, because He gives us hope … for many there are in our hearts no place when the love of Jesus fills us. Only disbelief in this love brings us into trouble!
Do we live every day from morning to night in the love of Jesus, we can love ourselves and so keep His commandments. For love wants her neighbor no harm. The cordial communion with Jesus makes us able to share, to listen, to help, to comfort, share joy (rather than be envious), to be humble, yes, the joy of the presence of Jesus changed our environment and it is a piece of heaven on earth!

Thank you, Jesus, you have loved me first! You give me everything I need and much, much more! You fill me with joy and strength, You give courage and hope! Yes, in your love I want to sunbathe every day again and be healed. Your love will overflow to others from me. They also need your hope and love, they need the new life that You give!!

Bible Reading Today: 1 Peter 2: 1 – 10

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